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fair to midland
Band Biography

  • From: dallas, TX
  • No. of Members: 6
  • Year Established: 1999

Keebler makes cookies and markets them for the kiddies; right? Yea, I know, I know, I'm stating the obvious, but hey, let me finish here. Then you've got the beer commercials and beer ads with their perky chested flawless supermodels glistening on the beach, while catering to 'the harry fat man' or 'college frat boy' sucking down a Coors like there's no tomorrow. So, inevitably we can safely say Coors targets 'men' between the ages of, well, all 'men!' Fair to Midland Inc. was established only four years ago by Bubba Gleason(drums) and Darroh Putipoo(bass); suffering and struggling with a way to express themselves on the modern day market, and hoping to target a certain group of consumers as well. Bubba had the type of stern face that intimidated giants and the type of humor that one must truly grow to appreciate. He was suited for corporate status in that he had more experience and consistency in his trade than most. Bubba was a modern day visionary. His strength was that he wouldn't reveal his outlook but would let the truest of people speak on his behalf.

They started their business small, as most do, in a compact trailer on the edge of nowhere. As they embarked they went through numerous individuals, hoping to find visionaries of similar convictions and prospects. Individuals who resided on the line of that same circle, yet knew how to summon angles.

After many ventures and experiments, they came in contact with a young 'man' known simply as Ferdinand. Ferdinand (a modern day mathematical genius, local pool shark, modest artist, and loud mouthed vagabond) had already conquered his skills as a musician only after a year of intimacy with his instrument, the guitar. They instantaneously noticed his talent and devotion. Devotion came in only one form to Ferdinand; it came through his diversity and odd outlook heard in the vibrations of his worn strings.As the three innovators began to weave bits and pieces of their merchandise, they continued to lack vocal representation. Fair to Midland Inc. knew they needed a sincere speaker to carry them closer to larger cities with massive consumer demand. They went through both males and females that too often clenched poisons and capsules to 'help' them attain direction. Individuals who talked of a spotlight and never a corner. Fair to Midland already had their low end taken care of, yet Ferdinand began to speak of someone who had began studying the backbone of the low-end. Someone within reach known as Leroy, who was known for running rampant throughout towns. Leroy was known for ceaseless ambition and hobbies pertaining to the theatre arts. He was contradictory in that he had boundless direction, yet grinned ear to ear at the thought of anarchy. A vote was taken as to the need of Leroy's presence within the corporation, and a unanimous vote replaced Darroh with Leroy. Darroh was content with the view from the sidelines and insisted on helping in any way possible; whether he be included or not in the actual structure of the company. Yet, he did not know of the blueprints that were being laid down by Leroy, Ferdinand, and Bubba without his consent. Still lacking a speaker for the business, they pushed Darroh behind the podium. Every day his approach when addressing the public became more unique, and slowly stretched to the point of awkward. To confront the masses he used guttural yells, and to empathize, he sighed and his throat extracted comfort. He presented himself as a form of living and breathing nostalgia. Whether it was rolling in a barrel of tacks, or laying down in a room of cotton. He could represent both sides of the spectrum and still had simplicity to speak of all in between.

They started by hitting large southern cities to franchise and establish their name. Yet, once again they found themselves lacking a perspective of serenity and ethnicity at times. They concluded, to not be able to cover all aspects of demand in the marketplace, is to not succeed. Darroh stumbled upon an entity whose physical self was known as Steimy. He was a doctor behind a monitor and wouldn't admit to his expertise concerning binary codes. In addition to his comprehension of how to function in the modern day; he stood behind deer skins. He spoke through wooden statues which were topped off with hides. He could communicate with times that none of us had met in this life. Another addition unanimous within the business was proven succesful and beneficial within the enterprise. Now, what was left, we couldn't explain until we heard it; very subtle coming from the farthest chair in the crease of the room.We were met by a 'man' whose name we are still unaware of. He communicated through sign language that was too fast to perceive. There was always a strange, constant shadow that engulfed his face. Yet, somehow we all agreed that when looking at him we could interpret his eyes. He sat at a throne like a judge seated at his/her large mahogany desk. And, like when a judge brings down his/her gaffle, when he brought down his hands everyone in the room hesitated to whisper. He sat down at our meetings and induced a new atmosphere without so much as a twitch of his lips. He was fulfilled in his silence and was deemed as a contradiction within himself in that he sat there, yet was the most apparent background that one could ever possibly lay eyes and/or ears on. Fair to Midland Inc. was then established and began production of their merchandise. Their first sale item contained 12 tracks of irony, confusion, sarcasm, and chaos stamped under the name of 'The Carbon Copy Silver Lining.' 'The Carbon Copy Silver Lining' has began to target their intended consumers which are: all genders, all races, all ages, and all the humane and sincere. They hope to stretch even furthur with their upcoming renovation in the works. Their product though, is in no way a representation of their performance. Fair to Midland is now four years in the making and now plan to_-_.

the carbon copy silver lining
  1. gaining one
  2. an occurance during the restoration process

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Booking Information
kent wyatt
artist group dallas
2820 main st.
dallas, TX 75226
Fan Contact
kent wyatt
artist group dallas
2820 main st.

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