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  • From: Chattanooga, TN
  • No. of Members: 4
  • Year Established: 1996

WILDFLOWER IS READY TO HIT THE ROAD!Playing over 30 original songs.Native Chattanooga Sarah Carter, age 23, has a lifelong love for writing songs. Encouraged by guitaristRochelle Emerson they collaborated by composing andperforming during the 1990's. After Rochelle moved onto play in Hampton, Virginia she settled for a fewyears in Los Angeles, California where she played hardrock with the bands Sleeper and Sacred. By workingagain with Sarah, Rochelle feels she has come fullcircle in her music.

As luck would have it, family friend and local drummerJoe Neale discovered some recordings of their work. Hewas intrigued by their fresh approach to the popularsounds of today. Having spent most of the late 1980'splaying locally and on the Southeastern CollegeCircuit he was excited to approach the girls with thechallenge of putting a beat to their work.

Joe contacted bassist and mandolin player CharlieBrown to check out their sound and he added a finishing touch to the work of Sarah and Rochelle. Theseeds for Wildflower were planted! Charlie has playedextensively in the Chattanooga area with theRoadkings, Derringer, The Hanlon Brothers and the MillWee Hollow Band.

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Booking Information
W.C. Stine
Chattanooga, USA
Fan Contact
W.C. Stine
Chattanooga, USA

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