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  • From: Hyattsville, MD
  • No. of Members: 5
  • Year Established: 2002

Uninterrupted was born one fateful day in the summer of 2001. The earth poet Moon crossed paths with the funky trinity and they realized that they shared the same destination. The foursome began a fruitful musical journey without a map guided only by passion and instinct, and the magic was evident. From the start sparks of creativity ignited the flames of their collaboration at that first meeting with the crafting of 'The Lesson' and they haven't looked back since. First calling themselves 'Eclipse' then choosing 'Uninterrupted' the translation of Moon's birth name 'Anisha' these are 5 distinct personalities blending every flavor in the collective musical vocabulary. Never fearing to take risks or try something new they operate under limited restrictions and complete creative freedom. Uninterrupted arise out of the necessity to feed your spirit which has been malnourished by today's musical merry-go-round of plastic pop stars bland radio and cookie cutter marketing. The remedy for which is deep organic soulful funky music which speaks to the mind as much as the body. Their common goal is to defy the norm and to open the eyes and ears of the world to the universal truth of the Uninterrupted sound, a truth which can not be expressed so easily in words so you must see and hear it for yourself. The shows are soulful, sexy,hard-up and edgy. That fine line between catching the holy ghost and sex. Folks leave an Uninterrupted show changed spiritually or frustrated sexually but they always come back for more.

  1. Subconcious Dream
  2. Mental

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Booking Information
Anisha Newbill
Uninterrupted Process
3804 Thornwood Rd
Hyattsville , USA 20784
Fan Contact
Uninterrupted Process
3804 Thornwood RD
Hyattsville , USA 20784

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