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Johnny Young
Band Biography

  • From: Brooklyn, NY
  • No. of Members: 3
  • Year Established: 1998

Johnny Young the band creates a powerful, driving sound that borrows from both the heavy histrionics of the '80s and the melodic accessibility of the post-grunge '90s rock. Live, they deliver the goods in a raw and vibrant fashion. Their second cd, Drone, is an excellent slab of darkly melodic hard rock that bashes together plenty of crunching riffs, a pulsing rhythm section and to-the-point lyrics with a dash of psychedelia to mix things up. How ever you care to define it, it's just good damn music that was meant to be enjoyed. The band has released two cds, Shed Your Skin in 1998, and Drone in 2000.

Lead singer and guitarist Johnny Young is the seventh son from a musical family of ten, He began his music career at age 8, when he was thrown out of piano lessons for improvising on 'Go Tell Aunt Rhodie' by the evil Dr. Barnett of Rumania who warned Johnny's parents of his insubordination and refusal to obey every command. Blind since age seventeen, Johnny cut his teeth on a world tour with former ROLLING STONES guitarist Mick Taylor as the singer and keyboardist in The Mick Taylor Band. Since then, he has bruised his legs and his forehead on numerous stages across the North American continent and around the world, performing, recording and producing various projects from New York to Tokyo. Among Johnny's production credits are a list of known and unknown artists too long to run away with here. If you're THAT interested, feel free to write. His own projects have included the CMJ charting DARK BLACK PAST, as well as MUDGOD. A diverse musical talent and multi instrumentalist, Johnny's composing won him an Emmy award in 1996 for the music in the spine chilling fire drama in the Guiding Light. Soon after he found his calling by picking up on an SG plugged into a Marshall amp, (cranked up of course). Today, Johnny works day and night creating music in his studio laboratory located above a neighborhood bar somewhere in Brooklyn, New York. forever working on something: recording and showcasing the band's newest materials in and out of town, including memorable shows at CMJ 2000 & 2001, this concoction entitled 'Drone' is on the road.

Jairo Ruiz - Bass Guitar From Park Slope, Brooklyn comes the newest member to join Johnny Young, Jairo Ruiz. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jairo brings to the band a fierce combination of skill, melody and incredible bass playing to an already dynamic sound. His ambition, drive and thirst for a kick-ass show only intensifies the band's sound and energy. Jairo has performed with numerous bands and musicians, and has performed all over New York City. His styles have ranged from pop/rock and grunge to latin pop and jazz. Inspired to learn on his own, Jairo has been playing bass for the past 7 years. Not bad for a late starter at age 17. Without hesitation, he immediately joined bands and started playing out. He began performing at open mics and gradually began playing with other musicians. He began collaborating and writing music with cover bands and local bands alike. Since then, Jairo has played on and off with various bands and artists such as Sublime Groove, Denise Barbarita, redjacket, Rob Suarez and many more. Now, Jairo brings his experience, talent(s) and hard work to Johnny Young.

During 2001, The band toured frequently playing clubs and colleges between Texas and Boston sharing stages with bands as diverse as Spacehog, Moke, Sopafuzz, Agents of Good Roots, Spine, Smartbomb, Punchy, Ropetree, George Devore and many others, this three piece New York City based dynamo is garnering radio support and new fans at an unstoppable rate. The first single from Drone, 'Rain' was a southern regional break out on radio. (no payola either!) Currently the band is in the studio recording their third cd for release early in 2002.

Shed Your Skin
  1. Change

  1. Drone
  2. Mud

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Booking Information
Johnny Young
440 Fifth Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Fan Contact
Johnny Young
440 Fifth Ave

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