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Haunted Reason
Band Biography

  • From: Omaha,
  • No. of Members: 3
  • Year Established: 1991

Haunted Reason was originally spawned in an aluminum mobile home during the winter of 1990, by Carl McGuire, Todd West & Charles Boettger. It remained a spare-time endeavor for those involved until 1992, when two of its members returned from their college studies to join the band's progenitor in devoting their time more fully to the project. The band had some sporadic Mid-western show dates during 1992 and 1993, being a special favorite at Halloween venues due to their uniquely dark sound. Ames, Iowa, Lincoln, and Omaha, Nebraska were to be their stomping grounds, with the majority of their fan base consisting of college students and other outcasts who clung to things most dark. The band opened for the touring New York-based band Chem Lab to much acclaim at their Omaha appearance in 1993. That same year, Haunted Reason made it to the final round in a local battle-of-the-bands contest, competing against heavy-metal and Grunge-style acts. At first the crowd didnít know what to make of the band, but by the third song, the band had reached them. One patron was knocked! unconscious, another set his hat on fire in the pit. Omaha had gotten a taste of things to come.

Haunted Reason struck out onto the airwaves as well. The band received radio airplay on collegiate radio stations in Ames, Iowa City, and Omaha, respectively, as well as sneaking onto an alternative industrial show in Tampa Bay, Florida. They also began to receive attention from local media resources and a few national ones, and record labels were starting to take an interest. Alas, unbeknownst to them, a great downturn was in the works. At around this time, another organization, known as Omahans For Decency, came to local prominence. It was their expressed goal to rid the city of rave shows and other non-Christian endeavors, such as Rap, Heavy-Metal and Industrial music. They had much influence on city lawmakers, and a city ordinance attempting to ban the sale of music which they felt was 'offensive' ( music labeled with the 'Explicit Lyrics' sticker ) to minors was attempted. This prompted national media coverage, notably by MTV, and rapper Ice T even attended a local protest. The attempted ordinance failed. The media spotlight drove OFD back into the shadows, but not for long. By some odd coincidence, about three months after the banning debacle, the rental halls which had played host to Omaha's fledgling music scene were no longer able to rent space to bands because of a change in 'insurance codes'. The Omaha Underground scene, which had spawned dozens of hardcore bands, began to crumble. It was a! round this time, at the height of their efforts, when things were just starting to happen for them, that internal frictions tore Haunted Reason apart. Haunted Reasonís core members remained close friends, and all embarked on individual projects. The bandís guitarist and founder continued his musical career, which met with regional success. The bands Xenomorph and Sandskin both benefitted from his unique musical stylings, and were often found opening for nationally touring acts. Gradually, former band members began to work together on their individual projects. In the summer of 1997, after four years of dormancy, the band reformed. The new Haunted Reason had lost a guitarist and gained a bass player, Dave Vosburgh, but the founding members were all together again. It was time to get back to work.

Haunted Reason has thus far produced three musical works: Two full-length albums, 'Dead Resurrect', 'Uncontrolled Experiment' and an experimental first effort known as Still Born, which was produced in very small quantities. The band is currently in an odd state of frenzy, hard at work on three different projects simultaneously. They are refining their live show, as Omaha has once again developed, thanks to the Cog Factory, a small though healthy underground scene. At long last, a Compact Disc is in the works. As many fans know, due to the nature of Industrial music, what a band accomplishes is often what it can create by itself , and until recently that meant producing music on cassette. Haunted Reason now has resource access to produce an independent CD, which will be a compilation of remixed works from the first two full-length tapes and band member's solo projects from the dormant period. Lastly, the band is rapidly composing a new body of work, which will hopefully emerge as a CD in the not-too-distant future.

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Booking Information
Dave Vosburgh
711 South 68th Ave.
Omaha, 68137
Fan Contact
Dave Vosburgh
711 South 68th Ave.

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