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  • From: Durand, MI
  • No. of Members: 4
  • Year Established: 2004

Feedbaak consists of 4 musicianists. A lead vocalist, a guitarist/back up vocals, a bassist/back up vocals, and a drummer. We are a band of all original songs and sounds. Our music is mostly described as rock and old school. We attract a wide crowd of listeners to our unique sound.

Feedbaak was originally formed about 1 year ago. Our band currently has two different drummers that switch off, being that one lives in California.Within the last year our music and lyrics have tied closer together giving us a whole different sound and jam.Our music is potrayed as a stong and goal achieving band that wants a wide spread of all people to listen to our creative sound.

Feedbaak consists of Tom Glass on Guitar, both electric and some equstic, also Josh Shook as powerful lead vocals, Barry Messner on the bad ass bass, and Lindsay/ Ryan on drums. The group is mostly trained in music classes for their key sound and over achieving vibe. We love playing alot of rock, progressive, and energetic type styles of music. This is what makes are band sound live over achievers.

Within this first year of our bands' exisistence we have made some changes. We play with two differnet drummers for the time being, both playing exellent. We have had a couple of gigs in this surrounding area. We have played at the following events: Battle of the Bands, The Bancroft bar, parties, and have a few more being scheduled at this time. Overall we love jamming and enjoy the sound we make for all people to learn and relate. Thank you.

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Booking Information
Barry Messner
Fowlerville/ Durand, USA 48836
Fan Contact
Barry Messner
Fowlerville/ Durand, USA 48836

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