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  • From: Little Rock, AR
  • No. of Members: 4
  • Year Established: 1998

Crash Meadows is an excitingly original modern rock band that is rapidly becoming one of the hottest live acts around. The internet has really helped Crash Meadows to get their songs out to more people and they are finding that people are getting excited about their sound. The founding members of Crash Meadows are brothers Dean and Medo (thus the band name) Agus. Both were born in Skopie, Yugoslavia, where their maternal grandfather was a famous musician. Dean's parents were young and struggling, with very little opportunity. At age four, his parents risked their lives fleeing to Belgium in order to escape communism. At age six, Dean attended school in Paris, France. Soon after, by the grace of God, his family was chosen by a presbyterian church in Prescott, Arkansas to be brought to the United States in a sponsorship program. The program provided a place for the family to live, bible study, english language and american culture. At age seven, Dean was learning his sixth language. Dean's father eventually moved the family to Hot Springs, where he found a job as a busboy. At age fifteen, Dean and his younger brother, Medo sing for the first time in a church play. Church members encouraged the boys to continue singing and performing. Suffering from shyness and stage fright, Dean was reluctant to get involved in school plays but rather excelled at writing poetry, melodies and lyrics. In junior high school Dean joined his first rock band as lead vocalist. At age eighteen, Dean receives a guitar as a Christmas gift and teaches himself to play. A few years later, Wazelle's Earth Gallery, an art gallery/coffee shop lets Dean play for tips and he loses his stage fright. Soon after, he starts his first serious band, 'Deano and the Bone,' which performed at many regional events and clubs. Finally, Dean and brother Medo, formed

CRASH MEADOWS and began writing a slew of inspired original music which has opened doors to performances in regional clubs and festivals. In addition to his interest in football, Medo Agus also became intrigued with music while watching his brother perform. Members of Dean's band taught Medo how to play the electric guitar. In 1992, Medo sat in as lead guitarist for Dean's high school rock band, 'S.F.G', in a 'Unite-Jam Concert' as opening act for 'N2deep.' The brothers went on to place third in a regional battle of the bands contest. The fire was ignited as a result of their success and Crash Meadows was born.

Daniel Keith, bassist for Crash Meadows, was orignially the drummer for 'Deano and the Bone' and eventually taught himself the bass guitar. Daniel got his own set of drums at age fourteen and was playing in his fathers band 'Running Late,' by age seventeen. Josh Weeks, drummer for Crash Meadows is the newest addition to the band. The group has been through several drummers over the years, including Kyle Cassil who (you have to read the papers to know the story) passed away last year. Josh, or 'Budda', as everyone affectionately calls him sat in with the band one night and was hired on the spot. Josh has a formal education in music and is featured on lead vocals in many of the bands cover songs.

Crash Meadows plays modern rock and covers a wide range of music. They adjust their sets to please any age group from those who are familiar with Otis Redding to Staind fans and everything in-between. Crash Meadows also has an impressive repertoire of original songs, which are frequently requested by local fans. “Torn to Pieces” is the Crash Meadows first CD from Mojo Blues Records, an independent label out of West Point, Georgia. It could just as easily be called “Pulled Together,” as this is a group of guys who know what’s important. Now happily married and with a new baby, Dean’s desire is “to comfort and influence listeners and fans in a positive way.” Crash Meadows has recently completed their second EP entitled 'Damage Done.' In addition to appearing live on local radio stations, Crash Meadows has opened for Confederate Railroad, Blues Traveler and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and is regularly featured on several television and radio stations in the region.

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