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ATP(adenosine tri-phosphate)
Band Biography

  • From: Tokyo, Japan
  • No. of Members: 4
  • Year Established: 1993

ATP in one word is 'personality'. They got enough to go around. Their sound is familiar, yet unlike anything else... like a band trapped between the early 80's and somewhere in the distant future. The result is pure. Kind of a spaced out New Wave bliss. The ATP guitar alloy of choice is a hard edged and piercing steal/aluminium hybrid. It goes nicely with Taata's strong vocal presence. Taata's performance is very fitting for the music, ranging from ice cool to emotionally evocative. ATP's mixes are unapologetically aware of the width of the audio space and they have no qualms about filling it with jagged, sharp percussion, floating vocals and buzzy guitars. Super strong song writing and great attitude.

ATP will bring to mind groups like Curve, who also excelled at crossing a lot of styles into one unique sound. Again, clearer production gives a nice focus on Taata's vocals - clear, sincere and dreamy. Guitarist/mulitinstrumentalist Mug out does himself with some clever guitar work that would make Robert Smith grin. 5/5

Warm, sex-me, Femme vocals, sliding over a bed of pop-tronic with an attitude and heart built toward the lovely flavour of '80s retro. Breathing upon the heels of David Bowie all the way.

The best came out of Japan since Sushi

Deranged Angel
  1. Moon Dance
  2. Cracked!

Aroused Zen Monk
  1. If You Ever
  2. Psychedelic Child

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Booking Information
Hirotaka Shino
Bazooka Japan
#104 Arakicho-10,
Tokyo, 160-0007
Fan Contact
Hirotaka Shino
Bazooka Japan
#104 Arakicho-10,

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