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295 Ends
Band Biography

  • From: Washington, DC
  • No. of Members: 5
  • Year Established: 2004

295 Ends band fully formed in the beginning of 2005. With 295 End's intuitive love for music dreams of spreading the music far beyond the far graps of conception. Our model is 'having fun and living life'.

Alan Justice the lead singer along with Dustin Lovett(guiter player) got together on a late afternoon to play some tunes. Jeremy Bramlett later joined playing the bass. With a musical talent like few has seen, Jeremy learned to play within 6 weeks. Ryan Snyder soon joined playing the piano. Ryan the pianist since 3 years young also DJ's and is a well established sound technician. Taurean Lennon the drummer filled the band's last needs with his awesome talents. 295 Ends considers its music to be alternative emo, taking music to a whole new level.

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Booking Information
Tuan Long
268 Luke Ave
P.O. Box 647
Washington , USA 20032
Fan Contact
Tuan Long
268 Luke Ave
P.O. Box 647
Washington , USA 20032

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